C-Ant Kick the Habit

Hello my crafty friends and welcome to the The Rabbit Hole Design Blog today!   This is Jenn  Gross and  I am sharing this fun card  C-ant Kick the Habit.  It features the ant stamp from the Buggy for Caffeine stamp set.  I think this ant is ready for a picnic, or at lease getting ready to grab some of the leftovers.

I colored the ant with alcohol markers using red and browns adding in some purple for the abdomen.  I think the teal slippers and coffee cups give nice pop of color.  The background of tall grass and a cloudy sky is framed in picnic red and black creating a focal point for the ant!

I created a likeness of a disposable coffee cup for the ant to stand on.  I imagine it is his own personal coffee stash that he can visit when he needs his next cup!  I shaded the cup and used pencils to draw and shade the lid. I stamped the "C-Ant Before Coffee" sentiment on the coffee cup sleeve to complete the scene.

Here are The Rabbit Hole Design products used in this card:

I hope you enjoyed this fun whimsical card and it sparks a bit of inspirations. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

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