Tacos Don't... a sassy Valentine card with tutorial

Hello my crafty friends! Welcome to The Rabbit Hole Designs blog.  Have you heard... Tacos don't disappoint?  Just providing a little bit of sass to this pretty pink Valentine card.  I used the fun shaving cream technique with a bit of a twist, I used the Valentine stencil as a mask to create the variegated word "Valentine".  I also added the sentiment  from  the Sassy Anti-Valentine stamps set.

Let's take a closer look at the shaving cream tutorial:
A - I added shaving cream foam to a shallow tray and smoothed it out with a palette knife. (like frosting a cake or spreading butter evenly on toast) 
B - I added drops of ink refill. Liquid colors are the best to use with this technique. I chose a Watermelon pink, Eggplant purple, and Aqua Sky blue
C - I used the palette knife to swirl the colors together in the shaving cream.  I took a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of white cardstock.  I gently pressed it on top of the colored shaving cream, just enough pressure for the shaving cream to make contact with the cardstock.  I lifted the cardstock off. You will find some of the shaving cream will pull away with the paper. I used a squeegee to remove the excess shaving cream from the cardstock and discarded it.  The color will have attached to the cardstock creating  swirls of color. Put the cardstock aside to dry.  This paper is considered the 1st pull (I typically get three pulls  from one coloring)

D - I sprayed the reverse side of the Valentine stencil with Pixie Spray (a light tack, repositionable  adhesive). Adding Pixie Spray to the back of a stencil will help the stencil stay in place and secure the smaller sections of the stencil to the paper  
 E - I positioned the stencil on a piece of  4 " x 5 1/4" rose colored cardstock.  I used a rubber brayer to roll over the stencil and cardstock making sure the entire stencil was sticking to the cardstock.  I added purple tape to two sides securing the stencil to the cardstock edge
F - I gently pressed the stencil side down on top of the colored shaving cream, again with just enough pressure for the shaving cream to make contact with the cardstock. I rubbed my fingers over the cardstock to make sure the colored shaving cream made contact with the stencil and paper. I lifted the cardstock off and pulled a the squeegee across to remove the excess shaving cream.  I  gently removed the Valentine stencil revealing the word Valentine in variegated colors. I put the cardstock aside to let it dry
G - After the card stock dried, I cut it out (the valentine image measures 3 3/16" x 3 3/4") and mounted it on a piece of black glossy cardstock

I hope this inspires  you to try the shaving cream technique with a stencil. It is a fun quick way to create,  I cannot promise it  will not be messy, but it will be fun. 

I hope you enjoyed this sassy valentine - Tacos Don't card featuring the Valentine stencil  and the Sassy Anti Valentine stamps set.   I love hearing from you. tell me... What has been the craziest technique you have tried with a stencil?    


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