Gimme My Elixir! Interactive Pop-Up Card

Hello my crafty friend!  Today I am on the blog with Gimme my Elixir card featuring the fun and barely there Caffeinated Dragon!  I have him in pop up mode coming to the top of his castle when you open this interactive card card

The castle was created with printed paper pieces. Do you recognize the window shapes?  These are created using the small light bulbs from the Light Me Up Stencil.  They are the perfect shape, right?
I used a 85# dark blue cardstock for the card base, added the grass and drawbridge creating a moat around the castle. On the front of the card base, I use printed paper and die cut letters. 

To color the dragon, I chose pinks red and golds from my TriBlend alcohol markers.  I start by coloring the dragon body with the lightest pink and then using a stippling/dotting technique. I add a graduation of lighter to darker pinks and red dots to create the shading. I love the stippling look.  Not only does it add an interesting look to the dragon,it give it almost scale like texture.  The wings and horns are colored in the yellow golds to give look smoother look.

Here are The Rabbit hole Design products used in this card:

I hope this inspires you to try the stippling/dotting technique on your next creation. Remember it does not have to be alcohol markers (that is my preference),  you can use any type of coloring medium such as colored pencils, watercolors, and other types of pigments to color your image.

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