Anglerfish Light-Up Box Card

Hello my crafty friends, it's Amanda from Pear Blossom Press again! Today I'm sharing a fun box card with an extra surprise; it lights up! I designed this card for a class that I'll be teaching at the Seattle Unstoppable Retreat next week. Woohoo! Who would've ever thought people would want me to travel to teach cardmaking classes? #lifegoals #squee #nowtogetagigonacraftingcruise

The Rabbit Hole Designs is one of the awesome sponsors of this retreat! If you are one of the lucky ducks coming, you'll be making this card in person with me. If not, don't worry, I made a video tutorial and that's just like being there with us. Except we won't know if you didn't get dressed today ;) Okay, enough blabbering from me. Let's put this card together! Step one: watch the video...

Step two: wait, I covered all the steps in the video... Lol, I did promise you links to the products I used though. You'll find the Sofishticated stamp set right here in the shop. For all of the other products I used, including the Power Pack Kit (shameless plug), head on over to my blog...

Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be back soon with another fun interactive card for you. Until then my friend, stay crafty!